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You should look into QuickBooks Online, but this of course does come with a monthly subscription cost.

Intuit has put some effort into improving the accessibility o f QuickBooks Online and it's certainly useable. I am using it for my retail business although I must admit that while I started using it at the beginning of the year I have not yet had time to get myself trained on it. I will very shortly get some help from my accountant because my requirements are a bit more complex than those of some other small businesses. For now my accountant has set up the integration between my point of sale system and QuickBooks Online so every day a lot of information is dumped into QuickBooks from the POS system, but I still have to do some manual work like properly assigning taxes to my supplier invoices which QuickBooks gets from the purchase orders we enter in our POS system and I have to deal with payroll entries and so on. Then there is of course bank reconciliation and recording supplier payments and tax payments. My bank account and business Visa are also connected to QuickBooks so all transactions are already there and just have to be reviewed and posted correctly.

I used Sage 50 for over 20 years and it was never connected to either my POS system or bank so I did all entries manually and while I could use Sage just fine for what I needed I would not say it is fully accessible. I just knew either how many times I had to tab on the home screen to get into a certain module (nothing rads on the home screen) or I would know work-arounds for other issues.

There are also some other online systems, but not sure where you are and if they are available. In Canada there is Wave Accounting which is also strictly an online system and I know some small businesses which use it. QuickBooks Online is nice in that you can invite your accountant to have access so when year-end and such comes around they can simply log in and do what they need to do.


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I can't help but wonder if Money Talks has been updated at all. Requirements include Windows 98, a CD ROM, and IE 5.5. It reminded me of going back to college in 2009. I had a professor give me an assignment on a 3.5 floppy written in Word Perfect. It took me longer to dig out a floppy drive than it did to complete the assignment.

Thank you for the suggestion, but I wouldn't mind having something with some invoicing capabilities. 

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