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I just tested the command and it brought up the list of drivers, two for my Cannon LIDE 110 and 1 for my wife's Brother all-in-one on our home network. I pick the twain driver for my Cannon LIDE 110 and it works fine.

If the scanner isn't showing up, then a reboot should fix it.

Or, reach out to Tech support to see if there is a specific setting in Windows you need to do.

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Subject: Re: scanning with JAWS

Sometimes I will get this same message and I can shut down JAWS and restart JAWS and the scanner will show.
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Hi Mario,

The scanner needs to have a TWAIN Driver. But having said that, I have a Plustek A320L that is TWAIN Compatible but it does not work with Convenient OCR.


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when I do insert+space bar then o and a, I get the message OCR Failed to start. No supported cameras or scanners available.

I opened Device Manager, and after right arrowing on Imaging devices, there is EPSON Perfection V600 listed. so why do I get that the OCR is not supported? I thought it worked with any flat bed scanner that Windows recognizes?

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Subject: scanning with JAWS
Date: Sunday, August 15, 2021, 5:56 PM
To: <> You have to do Jaws Key (insert) plus space bar, then o, then a.

O for OCR, then A for acquire.

Or press insert+spacebar, then O then question armk to get a list of the keys which are given with the assumption of pressing insert+spacebar, then o first.

Insert+spacebar then A, toggles the Text Analyzer.


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To use JAWS OCR, JAWS key, then space bar, then a, choose the scanner and enter

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Some time back, someone posted how to scan with jaws. It's been a while and I forgot how. I did it before and really need to try it again. Did we use Freedom Scientific's import printer? Or did I dream it up?
Anyway, Open Book isn't scanning well, and I need accuracy.

Thanks for any help.

Shirley Tracy

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