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You have to do Jaws Key (insert) plus space bar, then o, then a.

O for OCR, then A for acquire.

Or press insert+spacebar, then O then question armk to get a list of the keys which are given with the assumption of pressing insert+spacebar, then o first.


Insert+spacebar then A, toggles the Text Analyzer.





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To use JAWS OCR, JAWS key, then space bar, then a, choose the scanner and enter

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Subject: scanning with JAWS


Some time back, someone posted how to scan with jaws. It’s been a while and I forgot how. I did it before and really need to try it again. Did we use Freedom Scientific’s import printer? Or did I dream it up? Anyway, Open Book isn’t scanning well, and I need accuracy.

Thanks for any help.


Shirley Tracy


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