moderated Re: Reinstalling iTunes solved my problem.

Michael Walker


I am thankful lists like these exist for problems that come up. One cannot always find an answer just by Googling. I used Google, before posting my questions. It is also helpful, to see how others solve problems. I like learning new ways to solve problems, instead of just going by what I already know. There might be better ways that I don't know about.


On 8/11/2021 1:24 PM, Shai wrote:
Hello Michael,
Thank you for keeping the list updated about this topic. I too was
having the same issue as yourself this morning and I rectified it by
doing the same.

On 8/11/21, Michael Walker <> wrote:

I uninstalled the Windows Store version of iTunes. I installed the
desktop version from, and not the Windows store version. I can
now tab through the interface like normal.



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