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Press Alt + Enter when focus is on the Jaws shortcut on your desktop, tab twice and press the keyboard shortcut you want to use, typically Control + Shift + J or Control + Alt + J, then tab to OK and activate it.
Alternatively, put the Jaws shortcut on the taskbar and use Windows Key + corresponding number on the number row.
For example, press Windows Key + T to go to the taskbar after you added the shortcut, the app you land on is in position 1 hence Windows Key + 1 will be its shortcut.
Arrow right and check where Jaws is, if you have Jaws in 4th position then Windows Key + 4 would start Jaws or activate the Jaws menu if it's already running.
You can also arrange the icons on the taskbar in the order you want, just press Control + Jaws Key + NumPad Slash to start dragging an item, then go left or right with the cursor to where you want it and press the same key combination again to drop the app there.
The Windows 10 taskbar is one of the best things in Windows 10, putting the 5 or 6 most used applications there and accessing them with Windows Key 1 through 5 or 6 is extremely convenient and as these are already predefined Windows shortcuts there is nothing to set up except to put the app on the taskbar.
I think you can put up to 9 apps there for sure, not sure if Windows Key + 0 would work for a tenth app, I only have 5 or 6 there, e.g. my browser in position 1, then Outlook, a shortcut to my point of sale system which is browser-based, but this shortcut loads it directly, then Excel, Notepad, and Jaws.
I very much encourage everybody to learn about other options available for the taskbar like Windows Key + 4 for example starts Excel for me, but if I want to directly open one of the Excel files I recently used or pinned in Excel, I can press Windows Key + Alt + 5 and arrow down through all the pinned files I have there and press enter on the one I want to open.
If I have Notepad open, for me Windows Key + 5 does that, and I want to open a new incident of Notepad I can then press Windows Key + Shift + 5 and a second incident of Notepad opens.
These are very useful and powerful keyboard shortcuts and so easy to use, way more convenient then minimizing to the desktop to open something or even to set your own shortcuts..

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Hi all,
Can someone please refresh my memory of how to set the hotkey to turn Jaws on? I know what it is, but when I press it nothing happens so I know I need to re-set it.
I'm getting some help and the tech guy decided that we needed to do a Jaws repair and in doing so I lost my hotkey to start Jaws. Using latest versions of Jaws and Windows 10. Thanks Madison

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