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Gerald Levy

To copy the text you want to highlight to the clipboard, first virtualize the focused window with the JAWS command Insert-Control-W or Insert-Shifft-W for JAWS 11 and higher. Once the window is virtualized, you can highlight and copy text as you normally would. Once you have copied the highlighted text to the clipboard, press Escape to exit the virtualized window and return to normal mode.


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My name is John Miller. I am new to this list.
When I am at the Matlab command window, I can see text using the JAWS
I want to copy to clip board the text near the JAWS cursor.
Any tips on how to do this?
Any direction to where to find documentation in JAWS help would also be
Unfortunately the application does not allow moving to the text with the
arrow keys and highlighting it with SHIFT+Down Arrow as might be done in
Thank you.
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