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JM Casey

That’s somewhat true about the number pad, and it is a bit of a nuissance, coming from a JAWS user’s initial perspective.


When I think of JAWS and NVDA commands-in-common, certainly the time command is not one that quickly springs to mind, but a lot of other ones, like “say all”, keyboard echo (although this does work differently in nvda as well), all the commands for generating element lists and such (though those work a little differently, too), quick navigation and more.

Not necessarilyt he most helpfult hings to think just of the commands, though, anyway – moreso, think about how they function in the various screen-reader options.




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I would only somewhat agree.

NVDA has only a couple keystrokes like Jaws, like the time command.

Probably what makes folks think they have a lot in common, is that the majority of the keystrokes we use are windows keyboard commands, not Jaws or NVDA.

But although I sometimes use NVDA, I find the screen review lacking, or perhaps I'm lacking in how to use NVDA.

I have asked on the NVDA list where the developers subscribe too, about making NVDA with a Jaws keyboard selection, because if you are used to reviewing a window with Jaws, and try to use NVDA the same way, it will be frustrating.

In NVDA, they say that the keys can be mapped, but this hasn't worked for me.

Jaws is really using the most intuitive keyboard layout.

I think it is not just my opinion, as the keyboards with a number pad also have arrows on the number pad indicating direction of movement, which does not relate to the way NVDA uses the number pad.

But until that changes in NVDA, it will always be only a backup screenreader for me.


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IN my opinion, no one can say how hard it is to learn anything because they are not you.


NVDA has many keystrokes in common with Jaws.

I’d start by browsing through the Commands quick reference:

NVDA 2021.1 Commands Quick Reference


When NVDA is running, press insert+n and arrow down to help and right arrow and you can find that list plus the user guide.  Two great places to start.






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Hello I have used Jaws for about 20 years how hard is it to learn NVDA and where should I start?


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