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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

Each device has an "Unlink" link and after you activate it you have to confirm one more time.


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Hi Ann,


Using JAWS 2020 and Google Chrome, I do the following:


On Dropbox site, after logging in, enter on Account. This expands the account menu.


Enter on Settings


Enter on Security tab, to select it.


There are several other settings before the list of devices. Either scroll past them, or look for the word "devices" on the page.


Devices currently linked to Dropbox are listed from the most recently used to the oldest. Each device has an indication of when it was last using Dropbox,
and each device has an "unlink" button.  


There shouldn't be anything else to click after you unlink an account, accept for Dropbox making the settings adjustments.  The times I've done this the changes took place pretty much simultaneously.


Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
Just once, I want a username and password prompt to say:  "Close Enough!"

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Subject: signing out of old computers in dropbox


Trying to add dropbox to my new computer, I need to unlink computers
that used dropbox in the past.  I can check the check boxes to unlink
the computers, some of which I haven't owned for years, but there is
a final something somewhere to confirm the unchecks, and I can't find
it.  JAWS doesn't read the screen well.  I used the touch cursor to
verify information; but I can't, even with the touch cursor, find the
stinkin' 'sign out of everything you just checked'.

If anybody has won this battle, please tell me how.


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