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I just did this and using Jaws 2021 I was able to read the final confirmation just fine using the Jaws cursor although I am pretty sure after you activate the link to unlink your device Jaws says "Unlink button" and focus is on that button. However, I recommend using the Jaws cursor to review, here are detailed instructions on how to get to the Device section first of all and the how to do this:

When I first log into Dropbox online I look for my name, actually all it says is "SW", my initials and it's a menu.
I find it easiest to go back up to the "Notifications" menu and then to press tab because this way once I land on "SW" I can simply down arrow to get to the 4 options in that menu which are as follows:

Settings 1 of 4
Install Dropbox app 2 of 4
Sign out 3 of 4
Add team account 4 of 4

I then activate Settings and use heading level 1 to find the "Personal Account" heading, below that are the following links/tabs:

Connected apps
Default apps

The "Security" tab is what you want, here you can change your password, set up or manage 2-step verification, trusted devices which are devices where 2-step verification is not required and also manage your "devices" which are the devices which are signed into Dropbox, if you have a basic account with a 3-device limit you can now delete old devices you may no longer have or use.
Look for "Devices" and where it says "These devices are linked to your personal Dropbox account", below that is a little table, if you have only 3 devices linked, it should have 4 columns and 4 rows, one row are the headings and then one row for each device.
You can also use "t", the table quick nav key, to quickly jump to that table, it's the second from the top on the page, the first are your signed in browsers. The table headings are:

Device name
Most recent activity

The fourth column doesn't have a heading, but it contains the "Unlink" link for the device in that row and it will tell you the device name, for example, if you have a computer called "Computer 1" and your iPhone called "My iPhone", Jaws would say "Unlink Computer 1" or "Unlink My iPhone".
After you activate the "unlink" link, another confirmation prompt comes up and has to be approved before the device is truely removed. I believe the final "Unlink" button has focus, but I didn't want to unlink any of my devices so the easiest way to make sure you are doing it correctly is to simpluy switch to the Jaws cursor as tha

Unlink Sieghard's iPhone 11
You're about to unlink your iPhone. It will immediately stop syncing and you won't be able to access files on this device without re-linking.
Unlink Cancel

You can now click the "Unlink" button with the Jaws cursor and you are done.

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Trying to add dropbox to my new computer, I need to unlink computers that used dropbox in the past. I can check the check boxes to unlink the computers, some of which I haven't owned for years, but there is a final something somewhere to confirm the unchecks, and I can't find it. JAWS doesn't read the screen well. I used the touch cursor to verify information; but I can't, even with the touch cursor, find the stinkin' 'sign out of everything you just checked'.

If anybody has won this battle, please tell me how.


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