moderated Re: signing out of old computers in dropbox

Ann Byrne

Oh! my! goodness!
It is a piece of cake on the iPhone!

Thanks for the suggestion.

At 09:34 PM 8/8/2021, you wrote:
Hi Ann,
If you have an iPhone, with the Dropbox app, it is much easier to complete
this task.


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Subject: signing out of old computers in dropbox

Trying to add dropbox to my new computer, I need to unlink computers
that used dropbox in the past. I can check the check boxes to unlink
the computers, some of which I haven't owned for years, but there is
a final something somewhere to confirm the unchecks, and I can't find
it. JAWS doesn't read the screen well. I used the touch cursor to
verify information; but I can't, even with the touch cursor, find the
stinkin' 'sign out of everything you just checked'.

If anybody has won this battle, please tell me how.


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