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John ESherrer

Hi Dave
I thought about that, but I want two spaces between asentances. I did think
about doing as you say, and then coming back and looking for a period and
one space and replace it with a period and two spaces. But that would leave
two spaces after each paragraph, and that would not hurt anything.

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Rather than trying to find those double spaces manually, just do this:

Ctrl+H for search and replace
2. Type two spaces in the find field.
3. Tab and type a single space in the replace field.
4. Alt+a to find and replace all.
5. Press Enter on okay when it's done, and press Alt+A again to find any
more (you might have some triple-spaces or more that need trimming.
6. Repeat until zero occurrences are found.
7. Escape out of the dialog.

Dave Carlson
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Hi JAWS Users
Does JAWS have the ability to read the spaces in a Word document?
I am using W7 and Word 2007.
I am proof reading a long document, and sometimes I will hit the space bar
twice, so I want to fix this in the document.

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