Re: Some Questions on new OCR component of Jaws 13

Soronel Haetir

To use the convenient OCR, you do need to use commands.

First maximize your adobe window, preferably in single page mode.

Next trigger the OCR by typing jaws+space, o, w

You can then use the up and down arrow keys, page up and page down
keys. Most other navigation does not work (move by word for example).

To OCR the next page you have to manually move adobe to that page and
re-issue the ocr commands, it works on a screen basis not a document

On 4/10/12, Tom Behler <> wrote:
Hello, all.

I have heard that Jaws 13 now has an OCR component that can be used to read
PDF files that typically have not been accessible to us in the past.

I have two questions relating to this issue:

1. How do you access the OCR software in Jaws 13 when trying to read a PDF
document? Are commands needed, or is it done automatically, once the
document is opened? and

2. Does the software do anything in terms of reading scanned image PDF

Thanks very much!

Tom from Michigan

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