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Mike B.

Hi Loreal,
Try the following:

The insert key with the page down (3) key on the number pad can give you the info.  The page number should already be showing on the status bar but you
can add column and line number.  Move focus to the status bar by using function key 6.  Press the application key or Shift + F10 and use down arrow in the menu.  You
should find Column and Line Number and you can press enter key on each of those to check them if you want those items to show on the status bar along with
page number.  Press escape after checking the items you want.  Using the insert with number pad 3 should then read you all three of those items you mentioned.  
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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I know I asked some months ago, but I’ve since upgraded everything on my laptop and cannot find this information.  I want to edit what is spoken in the status line when the JAWS key plus Page Down is pressed.  Thanks in advance for any help!



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