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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

I don't recommend that at all because first of all there is a good chance it may reinstall the next time there is a major Windows update and secondly it uses such an inconsequential amount of space that you might as well leave it. This way if you decide at some point you want to use it it's right there and you can simply log in. Anybody who has a Microsoft 365 subscription might as well use it since you get 1 Tb of free storage with the subscription.

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If you don't use it at all just uninstall it from add/remove programs.
On 8/5/2021 12:57 AM, Tom Cramer wrote:
Recently, I had some work done on my computer, and I guess it was
reset. Now, every time I start it up, it wants me to enter a password
for OneDrive. I guess it wants me to log in, but I don't want to do
that. Is there a way of turning this feature off so it doesn't come
up every time I start my computer?
How do I do this with JAWS? I have no idea.

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