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Instead of all the initial steps you can just press the Windows key and start typing "startup", chances are that by the time you type "start" you hear Jaws saying "Startup Apps, System settings, Press right to switch preview", press enter at that point and then tab until you get to OneDrive, in the process you may come across something else you may find you don't need to load at startup and you can turn it off by pressing the spacebar.
When you are done just press Alt + F4 to exit the Settings, there is no OK button or anything like that and the next time you reboot (no need to reboot right away) it won't come up.

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Hi, Tom. Here's the easiest way I found to deactivate OneDrive.

1. From the desktop, press the Windows Key plus X.
2. Arrow down to Apps and Features, and press ENTER.
3. Press SHIFT plus TAB once to get to the list of categories.
4. Arrow down to Startup, and press ENTER.
5. Now, tab through the list of programs that run when the computer starts, and turn off OneDrive.
6. Close the Startup dialog, and reboot your computer.

Now OneDrive shouldn't come up when your computer starts.

Bill White

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Subject: Deactivating OneDrive using JAWS?

Recently, I had some work done on my computer, and I guess it was reset. Now, every time I start it up, it wants me to enter a password for OneDrive. I guess it wants me to log in, but I don't want to do that. Is there a way of turning this feature off so it doesn't come up every time I start my computer?
How do I do this with JAWS? I have no idea.

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