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Richard Turner

After control+shift+n I just press insert+b to read the dialog and get the information about page x of x plus the OK, cancel etc. But quite simple.

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On Aug 5, 2021, at 9:25 AM, Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...> wrote:

Control + Shift + N actually does tell you how many pages, but you have to route Jaws to PC and do a say line.

If you use the PC cursor it's in the edit field and tabbing just takes you from the edit field to OK and Cancel and back into the edit field, but if you do a say line with the Jaws cursor you hear this (I used a 2-page PDF for this):


I  press Control + Shift + N:

Go To Page dialog‑
Page: Edit 1

I now press tab:

OK Button

Tab again:

Cancel Button

And tab one more time to go back to the edit field:

Page: Edit 1

I now route JAWS to PC and do a Say Line (Jaws Key + NumPad 8):

Page: 1 of 2


You can also switch to the touch cursor when you are in the edit field and right arrow once, Jaws in this case will say "of 2" because in the edit field is the "1" and then the "of 2" is spoken.


But as others pointed out, if you route Jaws to PC, then go to the top of the page and arrow down you should also hear 1 / 2 or whatever the number of pages is, if you have 10 pages and are on page 6 it would say 6 of 10


Whether one or the other is easier and quicker every body has to decide, I guess Pressing Control + Shift + N and then route Jaws to PC and Say Line is a fairly quick and easy combination and it's maybe a bit more reliable in an accessible PDF.


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Hi, Brian. The CONTROL plus SHIFT plus N command does not tell you how many pages are in the document. Besides that, if the document is not text, and requires OCR scanning through JAWS, the CONTROL plus SHIFT plus N command will not be available.


Bill White




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I'm not in a position to check at the moment, but I thought that dialog told you the total number of pages, if you wait for it, as well.

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