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I like Ponties Media Downloader.
The latest version will even download an entire playlist into its own folder. 
I found the below note from the developer on the blind tech site. You do not need a subscription to YouTube.

Hi, everybody!
I've noticed some discussions here about Pontes Media Downloader and I just want to let you all know that we've just released version 3 of the program.
The major technical difference is that version 3 has a javafx interface instead of the older dot net interface.
Also it includes ffmpeg 4 for converting and, of course the latest version of youtube-dl for downloading.
It comes with oracle java 8 included and accessibility features enabled (tested with nvda and narator on windows).

I've tried to keep the same keyboard shortcuts as in version 2.1 There is also a window that lists all the shortcuts (control k opens it)
I've added a downloads table in which you can manage individual downloads. It is possible to download more than one file at a time. Default setting is 3 downloads simultaneously.
The program will automatically detect a playlist now and will open a window where you can choose the elements from the playlist that you want to download. By default all items are checked.  You can check/uncheck an item from the list with space All the checked items will be added to the downloads table
You can also view each download's log (control g) This is useful if for some reason a file was not downloaded (usually the last line of the log is the error)

The downside is that the installer is bigger (around 70 mb in windows) and it takes more space on the hdd (around 250 mb mostly because of java and ffmpeg)
The major advantage is that the program is now cross-platform (there are also mac and linux versions available). 
The official webpage of the program is here

You can download the program from here:
Windows version (32 and 64 bit)
Mac OsX version (64 bit) 
Linux (Debian based, 64 bit) 

Version 2.1 will remain available (for those who just need a simpler utility) at 

Pontes Media Downloader is just a friendly interface for youtube-dl - a wonderful command line utility that does all the complicated media extraction.
Have fun using Pontes Media Downloader!

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Hi Jeff,


Applian Replay media capture. The free version(demo) downloads 100% YouTube and 50% everybody else. HTH


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Subject: question on downloading from YouTube


Hello List,

I remember that there was several programs to allow you to download stuff from YouTube. Can anyone recommend the best program, app, or set of instructions to download music from YouTube.

Also, what is the best program to split large music files.

I would think you would need a subscription to Youtube to do this, but if that not the case, please also let me know.


Jeff Lukacsena


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