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On Wed, Aug 4, 2021 at 07:19 PM, Bill White wrote:
there is no way to arrow down to a total page announcement, or to tab to any other announceme
I just want to emphasize that there should be no need to arrow down or up.  The way this dialog is presented, visually, is such that you see, "Page 3 of 70," on a single line with the words, "Page," and "of 70," being fixed parts of the dialog text when the dialog comes up, and the edit box for 3 (or the respective page number) being placed between those two fixed parts.  I have no idea why it would stop reading after Page, Edit 1, type in text.  I would have expected, Page, edit 1, type in text, of  {total number in that document}.

Jaws is omitting the latter part of the dialog content.

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