moderated Thunderbird Issue

clarence carter

My wife uses Thunderbird. Suddenly a couple of weeks ago, it would not accept the password for the outgoing server.


After a few attempts at getting it to accept the password, I attempted to roll back to an earlier version.


That when the fun started.


It crashed the machine and I had to come back in.


When I did that I discovered that the profile that was associated with Thunderbird was lost. I got help from AOL  to recreate the profile. Later I attempted to find the e-mail folders, and addresses, but I could not recover them.


I have considered just calling it a day and switch her over to Outlook. However, that is not what she is use to using. Is there a way that I can recover the old profile? I have looked and I cannot find it.


I had a sighted person look, but they got a bunch of files that would not convert. If you have a way to import those files that would help also.


The import function is useless within Thunderbird.


Any help would be appreciated.




I had this happen to me years ago, and I just jumped to Outlook and had it find everything. Is that still doable with the recent Thunderbird versions?



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