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Jaws default hotkey to close Jaws is insert+f4. There is a setting that you can make it so there is no confirmation, it just goes away. Otherwise, there will be an OK to hit confirming you want to close Jaws.

The hotkey for NVDA is insert+q. That too has an option to have it close without confirmation.

Normally, the default hotkey to start Jaws is Control+alt+j though that is customizable.
NVDA defaults to Control+alt+n, but again, tha tis customizable.

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I sometimes switch over to NVDA from JAWS, in order to determine how it deals with something that jaws is struggling with. But the process to do so is slightly cumbersome. It requires going to desktop, turning off jaws, turning on nvda and then going back to where I was.

Is there a way to switch on the fly? Or at least to turn JAWS and NVDA on and off?


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