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JM Casey


As these programmes are not designed to work together, there's no toggle or anything, if that’s' what you're after.
But why are you going to the desktop? That does seem like an unnecessary step.
Both programmes have a keystroke that is meant to unload them.
I suppose if you really wanted you could make some kind of script to unload one and load the other. Then maybe you could put it on the desktop and set up a hotkey for it. But it seems like more trouble than it's worth when all you have to do is hit a couple of keystrokes.

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I sometimes switch over to NVDA from JAWS, in order to determine how it deals with something that jaws is struggling with. But the process to do so is slightly cumbersome. It requires going to desktop, turning off jaws, turning on nvda and then going back to where I was.

Is there a way to switch on the fly? Or at least to turn JAWS and NVDA on and off?


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