moderated Re: Google Dox

Ann Byrne

One of the features in the latest release of JAWS--about two weeks ago?--was that insert+spacebar then g would allow a person to use regular web access keys with Google docs. Press insert+spacebar then question mark to see the keys.

At 06:29 PM 8/1/2021, you wrote:
What version of jaws are you running? I used to think that Google docs was not accessible either, but now, it’s definitely taking a turn for the better!

On Aug 1, 2021, at 4:26 PM, Tony Sohl <> wrote:

Hi is ther a class we can take that will
teach us how to use google dox with jaws and if so where can we find such a class?

I know Fredom Scientific has done some
tutorials on how t use it with jaws but we cannot see the cdoc ument and we cannot get it to work hardly at all!

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