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Loreal Lavigna

I'm using JAWS 2021 and am interested in this topic as well. The school district in my home town makes use of Google Docs, and while they are making every effort to make all documents attached to their website (agendas for board of education meetings, presentations, etc.) more accessible in every way possible, I'd like to see if there is a better way of working with Google Docs on my end.

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What version of jaws are you running? I used to think that Google docs was not accessible either, but now, it’s definitely taking a turn for the better!

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Hi is ther a class we can take that will teach us how to use google dox with jaws and if so where can we find such a class?

I know Fredom Scientific has done some tutorials on how t use it with jaws but we cannot see the cdoc ument and we cannot get it to work hardly at all!

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