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Windows Security.  You're not going to find any third-party option that's more accessible or that is "better" overall and over time.

Look at the most recent testing results from the following antivirus/security testing labs, along with the historical results from the past several years if you want to see how Windows Security/Defender has been performing.  Windows Security has been solidly in the top 10, often top 5, and frequently beats out several well-known competitors that one must pay for.

AV Test

AV Comparatives

SE Labs  (Reports Page)

MRG Effitas  (360 Protection Testing Category)

Notice how any given one of the "routinely in the top 10" products varies in position among testing labs, and among testing cycles for a given testing lab.  The differences between numbers one and ten in these lists is seldom of any real consequence.  If something is consistently in the top ten over time and over repeated tests, and you can check for other testing labs if you so choose, it's way more than "just adequate" in protecting you.

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