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Bob Kennedy

Hey Mike,

It sounds more like a Jaws issue than Google. I hate hearing the repeat myself, especially when I'm logging in and Jaws says star star star for my password.

You may have to go into settings for Jaws and save it especially for Google. Right now I can't tell you exactly how to do that because I don't do it that often and after the stroke, memory just isn't what it used to be. But you're a smart guy and I know you'll figure it out...
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Hi again Dave,
Okay, if I use Google as my search engine and any other homepage other than,, I don't have Jaws repeating what I type when I type into the search field.  I find Jaws repeating what I type very irritating and using the Google .com homepage is the only homepage that'll do this.  I'm not getting any sort of predictive searches populating and being spoken, only what I'm typing into the search field of the Google homepage.  I've signed into my Google account and turned off all necessary settings that I can find to stop this, saved the settings and pressed enter on the Okay button, but Jaws repeating what I type continues in the search field.
I've also turned off settings in Waterfox for saving history, predictive searches, suggested websites, search as I type but still as long as I use Google as the homepage the Jaws repeating what I type continues.  Others may not find this irritating, but I do, so I'm just going to use a blank page or something like Startpage as a homepage.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
Just once, I want a username and password prompt to say:  "Close Enough!"

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I don't find this a bother at all in Google, I just type what I want to type, if something pops up which is what I want then good and if not then I just finish typing my search term and press enter.

In any case, you have to actually arrow down to get these search suggestions as you type, maybe they are showing up visually for a sighted person, but Jaws never speaks anything other than what I just typed.

Of course I am actually going to and type into the search edit combo box, I never use the address bar unless I want to enter an actual URL.

Having said that, turning auto complete or whatever you want to call it is easy for the address bar, I quite like it because when I go to websites I visit regularly I just have to type the first couple of letters and press enter when I hear the correct one. For example, if I want to go to I typically get the suggestion after typing just the A


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I use Waterfox as my browser. I use, as my default search engine. When I need to use and enter the search edit fieled, as soon as I start typing, starts performing its delimited word function, however, I do not have this problem, when I perform searches using When I log into my account, I do not seem to be able to find where to turn this annoying function off? Can you or anyone help me?


Thanks in anticipation.




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Hi, Sieghard. I don't get a more options button either, but I also have predictability turned off in all my browsers, because I want to type in exactly what I am searching for, without my browser giving me phrases to search for which I didn't want.


Bill White




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I agree with Brian and I am not sure what all these More Options buttons are because I certainly don't get them. When I just brought up a list of buttons on the Google home page I only had 6, then when I maximized the Window I had 8, but only because when the Window was maximized "Google Search" and "I'm Feeling Lucky" showed up twice. I don't even get a single "More Options" button.

Not sure if Mark said which browser he is using when he posted his original message, but that would be good to know.


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What I cannot figure out is why you're using any form of buttons list.  If you want the list of recently trending searches, then get in the search edit box and down arrow, they will be read.  If you want some subset of searches you've done before, enter a couple of characters in the search edit box and down arrow.

Your original request states, " I’ve finally noticed a number of what looks like recent shortcuts below the search edit box on the Google homepage."  These are not buttons, have never been buttons, and are not accessed as buttons.  You just down arrow through them and, in the case of trending searches, these constantly change and may be different if you jump out of the list or edit search box and come right back to it just a moment later.




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