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Justin Williams

Apologies for not putting my e-mail in to the message for the template.


Please send it to:








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I am happy to send the template to anyone that wants it, and have already sent it to two members.

I do not participate in these groups via e-mail, however, so when requests are made "on-list" without an e-mail address I have no idea where to send to.  If you want a copy sent to you, please use the Reply to Sender link at the bottom of this message to send me a private request that will land in my inbox instead, and which will have your e-mail address as the source.  I'll respond to these with the template attached.

Be aware that this template was created for a check blank that was on a page that was standard letter sized and in a specific position on that page.  It is not likely to be appropriate to your situation unless you so happen to be using checks in precisely the same format.  Fields would have to be moved around in the template (which also used a table in it, which I probably wouldn't do now) in order for the various usual fields to print where they need to print for your own check blanks.  But it is a starting point.

When I originally created it I had the person I created it for do a scan of her check blank and email that to me.  There is a lot of trial and error in getting the correct placement not only for the check blank, but for the specific printer being used.  Anyone who's ever printed out sheets of mailing labels using one of the Avery standard formats will understand only too well the kind of tweaking I'm referring to.

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