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Life in Six Dots

Hi Johathan,VoiceOver on macOS lets you use multiple braille displays. Yes the primary display controls the screen reader but the others will output the braille, which is incredibly useful for teaching. I wondered if the same can be done with JAWS?




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Really, I have seen mention in the Voiceover Utility to pick a primary display, but if I have my Brailliant connected, it seems like I have to delete that  profile before I can use a QBraille. What am I missing?

In terms of JAWS, I have configured multiple braille devices and it will find the one connected, but I have never tried to use more than one at a time.



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Good afternoon all,


I have been wondering if it is possible to have two braille displays connected to the same computer with JAWS at the same time. Like I can with VoiceOver on macOS. Is this possible?


Many thanks, Paul


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