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I agree with Brian and I am not sure what all these More Options buttons are because I certainly don't get them. When I just brought up a list of buttons on the Google home page I only had 6, then when I maximized the Window I had 8, but only because when the Window was maximized "Google Search" and "I'm Feeling Lucky" showed up twice. I don't even get a single "More Options" button.

Not sure if Mark said which browser he is using when he posted his original message, but that would be good to know.


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What I cannot figure out is why you're using any form of buttons list.  If you want the list of recently trending searches, then get in the search edit box and down arrow, they will be read.  If you want some subset of searches you've done before, enter a couple of characters in the search edit box and down arrow.

Your original request states, " I’ve finally noticed a number of what looks like recent shortcuts below the search edit box on the Google homepage."  These are not buttons, have never been buttons, and are not accessed as buttons.  You just down arrow through them and, in the case of trending searches, these constantly change and may be different if you jump out of the list or edit search box and come right back to it just a moment later.




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