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Ann Byrne

Hey, Brian,

This sounds wonderful; but the person inquiring in the zoom meeting said she has "small checks" and would hope she could find software to work with them. I haven't a clue what size small checks are, and I don't have her email address to ask her.


I will save your message and hope she/we/you can figure it out. :-)


At 07:36 PM 7/30/2021, you wrote:
I've actually created MS-Word fillable form templates to match the check sheets a given user has. That is if all you're looking for is something that allows you to get the date, pay to the order of, numeric dollars/cents, written dollars/cents, and memo exactly where they need to be.I will gladly email you that template on the off chance that you're using the same checks. These things are a PITA to perfect as far as alignments go for any given check printer's page layout, but once you have them nailed it's a perfect printout on to the check every time (barring printer jams, ink running out, etc.).--

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