moderated Re: new n quick navigation in Outlook messages is amazing


On Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 07:15 PM, Van Lant, Robin wrote:
so I don’t know if it will work in another email client.
I would be surprised if it did not.  This has to be using the HTML structure, with lots of emphasis on block quote arrangement, to parse the message.  That should be the same no matter what email client is being used.  That is unless FS has actually limited invocation to be in Outlook only, but it makes little sense to me that they would.

You could test this theory out if you know you have a long, multi-quoted message where the exchange was conducted entirely in plain text.  If it still works, then I have to be wrong, or at least only partially correct and there's a way the algorithm recognizes the differing formats and parses accordingly.

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