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I haven't really came across the printer that wasn't accessible… As far as the software goes the touch interface on the printers and sales is never been accessible as far as I know.

Randy Barnett

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Work with it in what way? I typically buy basic HP Laserjet printers which have just a couple of buttons and there really isn’t much you can or have to do on the printer itself. I guess it all depends on whether you want some sort of printer/scanner combo or just a printer, then do you want a colour printer or just a black and white? I personally hate Inkjet printers with a passion, but especially at home I may only print once every couple of month and even nowadays it seems that the ink drying up is still an issue and of course with a laser printer that is not a problem, they just work.


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What printers are accessible?


I am interesting in bying one and I'd like to be able to work with it using jaws?





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