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On Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 01:13 PM, Richard Turner wrote:
The difference is that the Jaws command works in a given message where all the replies are in that one now very large message.
This is not using threading or Conversations as Outlook calls it.

Thanks.  This is exactly the clarification I needed.

At one time (and this is something that was a sighted versus blind community convention split, in my observation), it was most common for those replying to do one of  several things, depending on what the situation called for:

1.  What I did in this very message - Top quoting a brief snippet to make clear exactly who and what is being responded to in a multi-person topic, but removing all else.

2. Doing a quote-response-quote-response interspersing style when multiple separate points are being responded to, sometimes in reply to multiple participants in the same message.

3. A naked reply, with all previous content removed, when there can be no doubt based on the thread/conversation flow who and what is being replied/responded to.

The kind of massive bottom quoting that I characteristically see in the blind email lists just was not (and still is not, generally) done in sighted email exchanges (for lack of a better way of putting it).  The presence of every message in an ongoing topic used to drive me almost to distraction, but I've gotten used to it.  But it still makes searching archives to find the actual original instance of a given message hellish when that content is quoted and quoted and quoted again and again, in its entirety, and I'm often looking for the original in a group archive so I can give a direct link to that message, and only that message.

I wish 

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