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Hi Brian,


I’m not robin, but I just tried Control + > and Control + Less in a relatively long thread I have with my accountant regarding the 2020 year end for my company and first of all while this may not be an issue visually, there is a lot of extra babbling going on with Jaws when using Control + > whereas when I just press N it goes to the beginning of the next message and starts reading it.

I also noticed that Control + Greater often skips many messages in the thread whereas the Jaws quick nav key does not. Maybe Control + Greater does this, but it seems that the way Vispero has implemented this does it more nicely for a Jaws user.

You could say the same thing for Windows Key + B and Jaws Key + F11, both let you access the system tray, the first is a Windows shortcut and the second is a Jaws shortcut. I typically use Jaws Key + F11 because I can then use first letter navigation and I simply find it a more convenient way to do this.


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Subject: Re: new n quick navigation in Outlook messages is amazing



What follows is not meant to be critical in any way, but just to clarify things for me.

Can you tell me how this new command differs from the Outlook built-in keyboard shortcuts, when you're reading a message in its own window that's part of a conversation (AKA thread), where CTRL + < shoots you to the previous item in the thread, and CTRL + > shoots you to the next item in a thread, in the same reading window?

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