moderated Google Home Page - Accessing Shortcuts Below The Search Edit Box

Mark Fisher

Hi everyone


Whilst on leave watching the Olympics, I’ve finally noticed a number of what looks like recent shortcuts below the search edit box on the Google homepage. With mouse echo turned on, I can tell they are links to either sites I visit frequently. However, JAWS does not recognize them as links. They do come up if you use JAWS Key+Ctrl+B to display a list of buttons but the text for all options says “More Actions Button”.


You can tab to them but again, JAWS only reads “More Actions Button”. It is only by using Mouse Echo that JAWS will read what they are. This appears to be a quicker way to get to some favourite websites from the home screen rather than going into the menus.


Has anyone used these and if so, is labelling the buttons using the custom label feature the best option?






Mark Fisher
Principal - HR Systems
Water Corporation 

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