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Zachary Morris

Thank you for the information. I will look at that.

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If you don't want Jaws to start reading the page automatically you can turn that off.
To do so, press Jaws Key + 6 on the number row to load the Settings Centre, press Control + Shift + D to load default settings, then type "auto" in the search box and tab once to the results. You can also find this in Web / HTML / PDFs > Reading if you don't want to use the search feature, it's the fourth item in that list and it says the following:

Document and Web Pages Automatically Read When Loaded checked
Here is the description for this setting:
When selected, JAWS automatically begins reading web pages and PDF documents when loaded. Clear this check box if you do not want JAWS to automatically begin reading.
Disabling this option is especially useful if you are using JAWS in conjunction with screen magnification software as the focus is not unexpectedly moved back to the top while you are using the mouse to navigate through the document.
This checkbox is selected by default when only JAWS is running and is cleared by default when using ZoomText Fusion or FSReader.

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When you get to a problem site, is JAWS starting to read the page, and if so, are you immediately attempting to navigate without first hitting CTRL to stop reading it? It's the problem that I have, and what fixes it for me is to hit CTRL to silence JAWS, and then things work as expected.

Hope this works for you.

Kevin and Jilly

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Hello all,

I am a new user to this email list. I've had Jaws since around 2018; I only initially used it as a secondary screen reader. I always heard that Jaws was a fantastic screen reader to use. However, in my discovery, I was configuring Jaws from scratch, and after I was done configuring, minus the speech/sound schemes, whenever I went onto different websites using Google Chrome, a good example is or, but when I either used the arrow keys, or the h key to cycle through headings, it would start jumping me to the top, or bottom of the page, or to a completely different part of the page, etc.. Would anybody be willing to help me troubleshoot the problem? I'm using the latest version of Jaws 2021. I can give the backup file if anyone wishes to help troubleshoot. Either that, or if any Freedom Scientific representatives are on this mailing list, are there any common settings that could cause this jumping?



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