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Robert stigile

I domt have a problem getting the promotions on my iphone using voiceover

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On Jul 28, 2021, at 12:02 PM, Ken Chernack via <kenchernack@...> wrote:


I know that this is a Jaws problem solving website.

Don’t worry, I am not complaining about the quality, long car lines or prices at my local Starbucks!

I am a Gold card account member. It is a debit card.

You collect points for purchases. Starbucks is a smart marketeer and sends focused email promotions based on your buying habits.


about a month or two ago, the ‘click here to join promo’ link disappeared from their promotion emails.

My sighted wife verified that it was there.


Well, today I lost my patience and called Freedom Scientific Jaws Support to help to get my promotion..

Long story short… no screen reader can see the ‘join me’ link, I was told.


If you are a Starbucks account user, have you noticed this behavior?

Might you have found another way of joining the promotion?


The Jaws Support person, and his background buddy, tried other screen readers and other possible solutions without success.

They told me the issue was that there was an image inside of a picture/image that caused the problem.

Thus, the problem, in my mind, is with Starbucks.

I called them, spoke to a generic Customer Service rep, and told him what to send to their technical staff.

Given their track record, I am not optimistic about receiving a reply.


Any thoughts/comments?


Ken (waiting to receive 50 extra points on my next Mango Dragonfruit Refresher)



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