moderated Re: Help with JAWS and Math Type

Cohn, Jonathan

Either the May or July release of JAWS 2021 added a feature to help with working with math and Word documents, especially if you are a braille user.
Also, I think MathTYpe is supposed to be picked up by the math reader in JAWS where you can read a complex equation part by part using left and right to go to adjacent parts, and down to get a more detailed view of the current part.
Probably easier to listen to this being done then to try and describe it, but I would suggest you look at the JAWS training site and see if they have tutorials to help.

On Jul 20, 2021, at 10:53, Carina Venter <> wrote:

Dear list

I need assistance with reading MS Word documents containing Math Type
equations. JAWS is making a complete hash of the equations (either not
reading, or recognising them as a single object/graphic) and I can't
figure out why. To avoid a protracted exchange on this list, it might
be best to take the conversation to email if there is someone who is
able to assist. I'm quite desperate as I have an MBA class block
commencing in three weeks with a wonderful accounting module thrown
in. Please drop me a line or respond on this list if you are able to
assist--I'd be hugely indebted.


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