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Mike B.

Hi Brian,
Yes, I have tried my instructions!  LOL  But, I don't get anything in Recent Files when I save something anywhere I save it, and I believe this is why.
When I open File Explorer it's set to open to, ThisPC, and not Quick Access, and in Folder Options on the General tab I have these options unchecked / disabled.   
not checked Privacy Show recently used files in Quick access check box
not checked Privacy Show frequently used folders in Quick access check box
I've set File Explorer to open to Quick Access and turned the above options on, and I'll see if I can populate the Recent Files folder now.  Thanks much.

Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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Have you tried the instructions given by Mike B in this message:

If you have nothing in the Recent Items folder I would almost have to say something is wrong with your Windows installation.  This folder gets populated automatically, by Windows, on a constant and ongoing basis.

And I just tested out what I suggested previously.  I saved a file from Notepad on my desktop.  I opened the Recent Files folder (and if you sort it by Date Modified as opposed to File Name the ordering is more logical for what a Recent Files folder is all about) and located the item for that file, which is a shortcut (AKA symbolic link).  I deleted the item in Recent Files and it has no impact whatsoever on the actual file itself where it was saved, which is precisely what I had expected.

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