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Firefox is much more customizable with all its plug-ins and generally I
prefer it over IE because of this, but at least in my case, I've found the
last few releases of Jaws to be over all more responsive with IE than
Firefox. The last good Jaws version that I had luck with Firefox was JFW 11.
That said, both browsers work with Jaws.

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Just the selection of plugins really (webvisum in particular) makes me
prefer Firefox for general use.

But there are a few Microsoft sites that really do work better with IE and
so I switch for those.

On 4/9/12, Angela Delicata <> wrote:
What is ecosystem for?

Il 10/04/2012 07:57, Soronel Haetir ha scritto:
Honestly, both work pretty well with most sites.

I use Firefox most of the time, but that's mostly because I prefer
the Firefox plugin ecosystem than because I have accessibility
trouble with one or the other.

On 4/9/12, Dondi from the valley of the sun<> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for opinions as to how does IE 8 compare with Firefox
11? Is Firefox 11 JAWS 13 accessible? And has anyone moved from IE 8
to Firefox
and likes it better?

And I have always heard that IE 9 was something to avoid because of
the inaccessibility with JAWS 13. Is this still true?


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