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On Wed, Jul 21, 2021 at 07:57 AM, Sharon S wrote:
One question though. Am I able to delete files out of this folder without effecting the original file? I ask because I have 149 items in that folder.
If memory serves, what is in the Recent Files folder is not the actual file itself (as that is resident in whatever folder you happened to create it in) but a collection of symbolic links, which are entries that "point to" the file itself to put it most simply.

It's easy to test out whether this is the case, and whether deleting the symbolic link has any effect whatsoever on the actual file itself.  Create a new file using Notepad, or the program of your choice, that just contains a couple of bits of junk, like abc.  Save it to any location of your choosing.  Immediately afterward, open the Recent Files folder and an entry for that file should be present there; delete it.  Navigate back to where you saved the actual file and see if it's still present (and I believe it will be).  If it is, then you can safely delete whatever entries you wish from the Recent Files folder.

Since many cleanup utilities nuke Recent Files I have to presume you will be able to do so yourself should you so choose.  But the above lets you test out the actual consequence of doing so.

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