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JM Casey

I can’t positively remember, but I was under the impression there weren’t individual jAWS licenses for 64 or 32 bit versions --- you should be able to just download the 64 bit version from the Freedom Scientific site, no?


Also, just because things like ease of access and onedrive are there, doesn’t mean that you have to use them. There’s plenty of stuff in plenty of programmes that I use that I have little need for – I just don’t’ use them and they don’t cause me any inconvenience.




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Sent: July 19, 2021 04:38 PM
Subject: Re: How to locate a missing file


Thanks. I do have 64 bit. I don’t know why I purchased a 32 bit upgrade for JAWS, but that was last year, and it has worked fine.  


I’m just amazed that suddenly Microsoft is adding things like “One Drive” and “Ease of access” that I know nothing about—nor do I really want them, but here they are. 😊




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