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it's called search everything by void tools. It works great way better than the windows built in the search.

Randy Barnett

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Thanks to all. Mike, I’ll use this method now since I really need to find this file asap. But I also like the other suggestion of installing a windows file finder (forgot what it’s called but will look it up).




Shirley Tracy


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Hi David,


The Recents folder wasn't showing so I had to unhide it to access it, but below is another way of getting the shortcut on the desktop.  One more question, where is the setting for saving copies of files to the Recent folder?


1. From the desktop make sure nothing is selected and open the context menu with your applications key or Shift + F10.

2. From the Context Menu, navigate to, New, and press enter.

3. Select Shortcut and press enter.


4. In the edit field, type or copy / paste the location of the item below,



5. Tab to, Next, and press the spacebar.

6. Name the shortcut Recent Items or a different name if desired.  Recent Items is there by default if you want to leave it this way.

7. Tab to, Finish, and press the spacebar.  You should now have a desktop icon called, Recent Items, or whatever you named it.


Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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Many ways to skin a cat.

One of the immediate customisations I make to any Windows machine I install is to put  a shortcut to the Recent folder on my Desktop.

The folder path for the Recent Folder  on Windows 10 is.

C:\Users/your user name \Recent

You need to look for your own user name in the Users directory.

Bring up the context  menu on the recent folder and press n for send to and finally from the send to sub menu select Desktop create shortcut.

The Recent folder shortcut will open a folder containing shortcuts to all the documents you have opened/saved so makes finding lost documents easy.

The other thing I do is sort this by date modified so that the most recent documents are at the top of the list which makes finding them easy as well.

To do this open  the Recent folder.

Make sure your screenreader announces not selected. If it says selected control space to make sure it says not selected.

Now press application key or shift F10 to bring up the context menu again and now find sort and tin the sub menu select date modified.

It takes about 2 or 3 minutes to setup   this folder but this simple customisation has helped me countless times over the years finding lost files saved in strange places.

David Griffith




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From: Shirley Tracy
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Subject: How to locate a missing file


I wrote something in WORD PAD, and when I went to open it again it was not there. I wrote the information in a new WORD PAD file and when I tried to save it, I received the message that I already had that file. So, how do I find it? It’s not in “file explorer.” This has all happened since the latest update of Microsoft.

Thanks for any help.



Shirley Tracy



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