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Edward Green

Hi Joe,

Silly question probably, but have you checked it's turned off in JAWS 2020 as well as JAWS 2021?

You’ll need to change the setting independently in each version of JAWS, assuming of course that you don’t migrate your settings from one version to another.



On 19 July 2021 13:01:37 "Joe DiNero" <joedinero68@...> wrote:

Hi Ed,


Thanks for the reply, unfortunately it is already turned off. Also a clarification, I mentioned 2021, and it is not happening in that version, just 2020.   




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Subject: Re: Web elements being read on one line


Hi Joe,

You need to turn off smart navigation mode.

Go into Settings Center with JAWS key+6.

Press shift+control+d to load the default settings.

In the search box, type "smart" and press tab to get to the search results.

Locate smart navigation mode and turn it off by pressing space.

Ok your way out of the dialog.



On 19 July 2021 11:24:03 "Joe DiNero" <joedinero68@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,


I have recently started to encounter multiple situations, where I have multiple web elements being read by JAWS on one line, when I am navigating a site. I know this can be an issue in NVDA if you do not uncheck the check box for “Use Screen Layout”, as NVDA will read the inline content on one line. Is there something I can change in JAWS or is this a site issue? I am running the latest Win 10 and this is happening with the most up to date versions of Firefox and Chrome with the most up to date version of JAWS 2021 and 2020.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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