moderated Are Any Of You Familiar with the Blue Mountain E-card Website?

Rick Miller

Dear Listers:


I am trying to delete an address from my Blue Mountain addressbook.  The directions that say how to do this read as follows:


To remove a contact from your address book, you have to be signed into the site. You can delete a contact by selecting the 'Check Box' icon to the left side of the contact's name. Once you select the 'Check Box' next to the contact(s) name you would like to remove, a blue trash can icon and the word 'Delete' will appear to the top right of the address book, right above the 'Pen and Paper' editing icon. Click that to remove the contact from your list.


When I try to remove the contact using JAWS, I find the name of the person I want to delete and hit the Enter key where there is the checkbox by that person’s name.  Right above all of the contacts there is a “Delete selected,” button.  I hit the Enter key on this, but the contact will not delete.  Instead, I get a dialog where there appears all the names in my addressbook.  I tab to the name of the person I want to delete and make sure the person is selected.  I tab again.  It says to delete that person.  I hit the Enter key, but the person will not be deleted.  If any of you have ever used Blue Mountain, have you ever encountered this problem, and how did you resolve it?




Rick Miller


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