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Ann Byrne

Actually, insert+space bar, then Z, runs JAWS in a default mode of some sort. For a while it was the only way I could get into my bank's site. Once I got in, I did insert+spacebar then z again to get back to JAWS with my preferred settings. I had only change speed and perhaps punctuation, so nothing that should have interfered. However. Running JAWS with default settings worked.

There is sometimes a chrome.jsi file with things JAWS thinks I have changed. When I find it, I delete it because it makes things not work correctly.

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Hi Ann & Judy,

Insert + spacebar, then Z, is not the keystroke you want. This keystroke is a toggle for running Jaws with its default settings and switching back to your personal settings.

The keystroke you want is, Insert + Z, this toggles the virtual cursor off / on.

Stay safe & take care. Mike.
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Try insert+spacebar, then z. If JAWS has done something weird, this
keystroke will allow you to run it without the weirdness.

good luck.
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Hi, all, the past few days I have gone to my bank website and logged
in and was told I needed to verify myself as they couldn't log me in
because something was wrong. Well I changed nothing at all, but
anyway, I requested a verification code which I received and where I
was supposed to type in the code, there was no link. I have done
this countless times over the years with my bank, Huntington, with
no problem. It would have a line and a link for typing in the code,
I would open it type it in and hit enter and all was fine. This
time, for the past couple days, it says "type code here" but there
is no link there at all. Can't do anything. Any ideas? Using Jaws
19, Win 10 and Google Chrome which is the same browser I've always
used with my bank. Thanks in advance. Judy & Libby

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