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There are many variables here, do you use auto forms mode or not? Have you tried to type "e" or "f" to see if there is a form field where y ou can type in the code they sent? If so just type the code and press enter.

You can also try to turn off the virtual cursor and tab through the page to see if you get to the edit field for the code this way.

If all of this doesn't work I'd contact your bank and tell them that you can't access their site with a screenreader and they need to fix it.

In the meantime you may want to ask a sighted friend or family member to help or, if that is inconvenient maybew try Aira and see if they can connect and see what is going on. Of course in order to use Aira you would have to have an iPhone or maybe an Android, I haven't kept up as to whether Aira is available on Android.


From: <> On Behalf Of Judy
Sent: Sunday, July 18, 2021 1:26 PM
Subject: link won't work


Hi, all, the past few days I have gone to my bank website and logged in and was told I needed to verify myself as they couldn’t log me in because something was wrong. Well I changed nothing at all, but anyway, I requested a verification code which I received and where I was supposed to type in the code, there was no link. I have done this countless times over the years with my bank, Huntington, with no problem. It would have a line and a link for typing in the code, I would open it type it in and hit enter and all was fine. This time, for the past couple days, it says “type code here” but there is no link there at all. Can’t do anything. Any ideas? Using Jaws 19, Win 10 and Google Chrome which is the same browser I’ve always used with my bank. Thanks in advance. Judy & Libby

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