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Jonathan, I did try insert+control+escape to reeinitialize the scripts, but it didn't work. I still recieved the "unknown script call" message. I looked at the script by pressing insert+numrow 0 and the actual script is not there, but when I pressed control+l to get a list of the scripts, the ZoomNotifyCurrentSpeaker was the last listed. and when I pressed the ok button, I recieved
"Script Not Found dialog
ZoomNotifyCurrentSpeaker is located in the documentation file (jsd) but not in the script file (jss). Do you want to remove it from the documentation file?" of course I pressed the no button, but the strange thing is there is no documentation file with the name ZoomSoftware.JSD to be found anywhere.

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From: Cohn, Jonathan via []
Subject: cannot identify speaker using Zoom
Date: Saturday, July 17, 2021, 3:20 PM
There is a simpler way then completely restarting JAWS. You can type I believe insert+control+escape to reload the scripts for the current application.

On Jul 17, 2021, at 12:19, Mario <> wrote:

I'm using the latest versions of JAWS 2020 with the Zoom client on Windows 10 20H2, and when I press control+shift+t I get
"unknown script call to: ZoomNotifyCurrentSpeaker".

any suggestions on how to fix this issue aside of calling FS support on Monday?


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