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Edward Green

Hi Jed,

In terms of setting up a VPN, you can either install the client provided or key the settings in manually.

Most people prefer the clients as you just tend to click on the location you want to connect to and you’re done. The problem is of course if the software is or becomes inaccessible.

Setting a connection up manually involves keying in a username, a couple of passwords and the address of the server you want to connect to.

It's a bit more work, but it's a one-time job. With my provider, I’ve set up five or six countries I want to be able to appear as though I’m in. Whenever I want to connect now, I just choose the correct one from the list.



On 17 July 2021 11:29:04 "Jed Barton" <jedbarton@...> wrote:

How is surfshark?  What are we talking for a plan?  Never set up a
vpn, so just curious what's involved.


On 7/17/21, Edward Green <ergreen1981@...> wrote:

Hi Bill,

Press Windows key+i to bring up settings.

Press enter on Network and Internet from the list.

From the next list, press enter on VVPN.

Alternatively, just typing “VPN” in the search box that appears when you
press the Windows key will probably get you there.



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Hi, Ed. How do you key VPN settings manually into Windows if you have a VPN
that isn't JAWS accessible?

Bill White

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Hi Stew,

As long as your VPN provider of choice lets you see its relevant settings,
then you can key them in manually into Windows.

This is a bit more work but it's no more complicated than setting up an
email account manually, and the massive advantage is that you don’t need to
care whether your VPN provider’s software is accessible or worry whether
they might break it during an update.



On 16 July 2021 20:00:05 "stewartross via"
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hi can someone tell me if jaws works with any vpn's?

if so which ones?

regards from stew

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