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Jim Pursley

One more thought - have you adjusted large document handling to Read The Entire Document. You can also specify the number of pages that constitute a large document.

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I've had the same issue for a while now. Nothing that I've tried has helped. Hopefully someone has a resolution.

On 7/16/2021 12:30 PM, Laura R wrote:
I have a 150 page PDF which is tagged and passed the accessibility checker and PDF/UA checkers.

However, when I test it in Adobe Reader on JAWS, JAWS reads to the bottom of the page and stops. Hitting the arrow key just repeats the last word on the page like it's reached the end of the document. CTRL + Page Down does advance you to the next page, but takes you to the last line on the next page which is obviously far from an ideal experience for the end user. Insert + Down Arrow (Say All) only reads current page.

I have tried changing the accessibility and reading settings to (a) read the entire document, (b) large documents read current page and changing size of large document to a minimum of 200 pgs (longer than this pdf), and (c) read single page continuous. None of them worked.

The document is due to my client today and would be good to go if not for this weird issue. In 10 years of pdf remediation, I've never encountered this problem before.

Because I have an NDA, I cannot share the file.

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