moderated Re: how do you successfully alt tab with jaws in windows 10 update 21h1?


You know, it's just plain foolish to call a new feature, and its default setting, however annoying that might be (and, believe me, it's happened to all of us) a problem.

The ALT + TAB behavior was changed with version 20H2 (thanks, Joseph Lee for confirming version) and deeper integration with new Chromium-based MS-Edge.  That behavior can be changed back to old-style with ease.  As I noted yesterday, in the topic entitled, windows 10 update 21h1:

Settings, System, Multitasking Pane and check to see what the dropdown for Pressing ALT + Tab shows, is set to. If you want conventional "old Windows" movement between open windows then you need to select, Open windows only, from the dropdown.

Someone also mentioned that they tweaked the settings related to multiple desktops that have an impact on ALT + Tab behavior, which is also a good idea if you use them. I don't, but many do.

These are some of the many reasons that being proactive and at least scanning topics you may not initially think interest you is a good idea.

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